Picture: Jussi Ulkuniemi

Amandine Doat, a French artist, curious of adventure, came all the way to Finland after her graduation in dance in the conservatory CNSMD of Lyon in 2011. She followed this with a bachelor in Dramaturgy at the university Lyon 2. She has taken part in workshops by Fatu Traore, Tero Saarinen, Pierre Rigal and Jean-Claude Gallotta among others.

As a freelancer she worked with choreographers, musicians, circus artists as well as theatre directors: Satu Tuomisto, Hanna Brotherus, Jenni Koistinen, Benjamino Borgui, Nathan Thomson, Tomas Takolander, Henna Kaikula, Greete Gross, Jean-Marie Doat, Willem Wilhelmus among others.  

Fascinated by multidisciplinary performances including circus, she entered Lahti circus school in 2012. She focused on aerial acrobatic and juggling and graduated in 2015.

She founded and directed Cirque des Puces company in 2013 with Tomas Takolander. They created several performances for children like Schniis & Naan in 2011, in 2012 Maiva performed in Hurra! festival and toured in the Efekti program, Schniis, Naan & naapurin Elias programmed by Konserttikeskus. In autumn 2015 they performed the premiere of  Une Note Commune supported by ITU-hanke. In spring 2016 they started a collaboration with a French theatre company En Votre Compagnie to create a multidisciplinary (puppets, theatre, dance, music and circus) performance named VISA.  Their last new creation named Astra was supported by TAIKE and Annantalo, where they did the creation and their premiere in autumn 2019. They also performed at Lahden Lasten Talvikarnevaalit and at the cultural center of CAISA. They warmed up the show after Corona pandemic and did a tour in South of Finland in the beginning of 2023.

In autumn 2020, Satu Tuomisto asked her to create a new collective with her and Sanna Hento. They worked on a strategy plan and called their group: Ko-kollektiivi. Since then they are working on different artistic projects as “Pahuus on hiipinyt parikkalaan”, Toi-toi Moi-moi, Mirage, Keski ikä, Elämäni tanssi, Kodinkonejamit and their last show Dididot ja kikattava keho.