Dididot ja kikattava keho performance of Ko-kollektiivi 2022-             Picture Riku Kantola

New Year’s show / Cabaret @ Loviisa, performance of Lovisa Operaforening 2019-             Veronica Svenskberg & Creative Peak Loviisa

De quoi rêve les pingouin, performance of En Votre Compagnie 2020-             Picture Frederic Stoll


Tänään, täällä, me @ Loviisa. Concept by Jenni Koistinen 2018-           Picture Raili Takolander

Kotimatkalla / Edontiewalking performance by Jenni Koistinen, produced by Zodiak 2020         Picture Raili Takolander

Kriisin neljä moodia @ Korvessa Soi 2020 – 21

Astra  circus performance 2019-       Picture Raili Takolander and Mikko Pirinen

Leijonadisko – interactive performance for babies 2019 – 21              Pictures Uupi Tirronen

Resonance (Continuum) – artistic doctoral concert of Nathan Riki Thomson, choreographed by Satu Tuomisto 2018

Dance / circus courses for babies in Toteemi culture centre of Vantaa 2018-             Pictures Arya Wicaksono

VISA performance 2016 – 18    Pictures Lucile Hortala

InTime performance 2015 – 17    Pictures Mikko Pirinen

Toi-toi Moi-moi  2016 – 20          Photographer from Calade festival

Kotini, clown act 2016 – 17        Pictures Amandine Doat

Née sur la route aerial act 2015            Pictures Martin Bo

Harso residences 2014          Pictures by Heli Kaikula and Jussi Ulkuniemi 

MAG number 2013           Pictures by Joonas Purastie

Schniis & Naan and Maïva posters made by Raili Takolander

schniis & naan photos   MAIVA the one (kopio) 2

Maïva performance 2012 – 15          Pictures by Raili Takolander

Schniis & Naan performance 2011 – 15           Pictures by Raili Takolander

Speranza performance 2011

Dors mon ami project 2010             Pictures by Anthony Bres

Anne Martin16.


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