Passed performances :

  • 2021New year’s show, Lovisa Operaförening rf ‘s performance. Choreographer and dancer -> Cancelled
  • Kriisi nelja moodia @ Sibelius Päivät, Loviisa – choreographer and dancer. Composed by Esko Grundström
  • 2019: Astra, @ Annantalo creation of Cirque des Puces. A contemporary circus performance for children performed as well at Vaahterasali in Lahti during Lasten Talvikarnevaalit festival and at the Culture center of Caisa in Helsinki
  • Valtiottomien kansojen musiikkia​ -concert, dancing a part of VISA with the musicians Esko Grundström and Tomas Takolander with a symphony orchestra. Performed at Rauma festival and at the church of Loviisa
  • New year Cabaret​ in Loviisa, choreographer and dancer
  • Incore/Nocoreassistant choreographer of Beniamino Borghi. Performed in Loviisa museum and Loviisa Pride.
  • Demo of Astra as a ring trapeze artist. Performed for Esperanto word congress in Sibelius Talo, Lahti
  • ​Etoile​ Aerial ring trapeze number performed in Loviisa Pride
  • To hot for art​ collaboration art-street-performance directed by Willem Wilhelmus for the festival Mailmaa kylässä in Helsinki
  • 2018 – 19 : Leijonadisko, dance performance for babies by Satu Toimisto. Perform as well in Rovaniemi, Vantaa, Espoo and Loviisa.
  • Tänään, täällä, me @ Loviisa instant composition with Kalle Katz. Concept by Jenni Koistinen, performed in Vänhätalot and later produced by Loviisan Taidekeskusksen Tukiyhdistys
  • 2018 : Resonance, one of the artistic doctoral concert of Nathan Riki Thomson, choreographed by Satu Tuomisto residence in Kunkkula, Järvempä (Finland). Performed in Kaapelitehdas, Musikkitalo and Espoo city theatre
  • 2016: VISA, a visual/theatrical/dance/music piece, in collaboration between Cirque des Puces and En Votre Compagnie. Premiere in Nukketeatteri Sampo in Helsinki, performed in La Maison du Peuple in Millau (France), Odyssud in Blagnac, Saint Affrique, Montpelier, Auch, Tarbes ; residences in Circa in Auch, l’Usine in Toulouse, La Maison du Peuple in Millau, Pau, Villefranche-de Rouergue
  • Kotini, dance and juggling number, performing in Kumpula Kyläjuhlat and Friskis & Svettis, Helsinki (FIN)
  • 2016 – 17: Traditional dance and music residence with Jussi Ulkuniemi (photographer, dancer) and Jesse Ojajärvi (musician) in Villa Karo, Grand Popo (Benin). Workshop / performance in Decameron festival, Kaustinen (Finland) and Pic (France)
  • Toi-toi Moi-moi, juggling and dance street performance, performed in Les Calades festival, La Bodega in Millau (FR), Piip ja Tuut theater in Tallinn (EST), Ville-Franche-de-Rouergue (FR) and Millau
  • 2015 – 17 : Une Note Commune, creation of Cirque des Puces,  premiere in Taskufestari in Lahti, performances in Lumosali, Vantaa (FIN). Project supported by ITU-hanke to promoted children culture in Finland.
  • Née sur la route choreographing and performing a aerial/dance act with Salpaus circus school in Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth, Helsinki and Lahti city theater (Finland) ; Lack of art festival in Tallinn (Estonia)
  • 2014 – 17 : InTime, circus creation of MAGO, a collaboration of four students from Salpaus circus school combining theirs own disciplines (Roue Cyr/Cloud swing/Mantelissimo). Performed in Kukko festival in Lahti (FIN), in Tallinna noortenädal (Estonia), in Banboo-Tss a circus convention in Tori and Kumu auditorium in Tallinn. Residence in Millau with the director Jean-Marie Doat.
  • 2014 – 16 : Schniis, Naan & naapurin Elias, a danced concert programmed by Konserttikeskus in Finland
  • 2014 – 15 : Stray Camino, an aerial/dance number performed in Sibeliustalo, Lahti
  • 2014 : Mörköooppera musical in Pikkuteatteri in Lahti, choreographer and performer
  • Harso, a circus/theater/dance creation lead by Henna Kaikula, residences in Rovaniemi and Cirko in Helsinki
  • Siiville!, a piece for aerial acrobatic and symphony orchestra in collaboration with the composer Tomas Takolander. Performed in Helsingin Kulttuuritalo
  • 2013 – 14Maïva, a circus/dance/music show, choreographer and performer. Toured in Lahti, Helsinki, Kokkola, Efekti tour in schools in Päijät Hämeen region supported by the culture center of Lahti. Creation of Cirque des Puces a multidisciplinary art company
  • 2012-15 : Schniis, Naan & naapurin Elias, a danced concert programmed by Konserttikeskus in Finland
  • 2012 : Machinerie, a dance solo created with the collaboration of the composer Tomas Takolander
  • 2011 – 15 : Schniis & Naan, a dance/music show for children. Created with Tomas Takolander. Performed in La Maison du Peuple in Millau (FR), in STOA and Musiikkitalo, Helsinki (FIN) ; in Pikkuteatteri, Lahti; in school in Kokkola ; Efekti tour in schools in the region Päijät Hämeen supported by the culture center of Lahti
  • 2011 : Where do our father sleeps ? Instant composition leading by Sandrine Maisonneuve in Annonay (FR). A improvisation piece for ten dancers and two musicians
  • Speranza creation for two dancers, a poet and three musicians in L’Astre, Lyon
  • 2010 : Equilibre, creation of a dance solo performed at Le Toboggan in Lyon and at La Maison du Peuple in Millau with the collaboration of the musician Tomas Takolander
  • 2009 : Dors mon Ami, choreographed by Anne Martin a former dancer from Pina Bausch’s company, performed in the Museum of Contempory Art and l’Atre in Lyon
  • 2008 : Sonatas 555, rework of Michèle Anne de Mey in Lyon with Déborah Salmiers a former dancer from Jean-Claude Galotta’s company


      • 2019 – : Dance and circus courses for babies in Loviisa tanssiopisto, Toteemi and Pessi cultures centres of Vantaa (FIN)
      • 2019 : Occasionally teaching in Lahti circus school
      • 2018 – : Circus and contemporary dance teacher in Loviisa tanssiopisto
      • 2018 : Instant composition workshop and dance around object at Chakana, Circus school of Millau (FR)
      • 2017 : Intensive dance and circus workshop in the reception center of Seurakuntaopisto, Ainola (FIN)
      • 2015 – : French / dance teacher part of TALK project organized by Zodiak ; a year teaching in Käpylä Ysteiskoulu in Helsinki and intervention in Sääksjörvi, Hakkari, Vesilahti, Seinäjoki and Sipoo
      • 2012 – 14: Comtemporary and Ballet teacher in Helsinki and Lahti Tanssiopisto

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